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ARaja Properties is a property sourcing, portfolio building and property management business which helps property investors find the perfect investment property in the East Midlands - ranging from Buy to Lets, Houses in Multiple Occupation, and Buy to Sell projects. We are experienced property investors ourselves and have built our own portfolio in Leicester, Derby and Nottingham.  We know the best areas to buy, and the areas to avoid.


We will find the right property, negotiate and agree a price which will meet your budget and requirements, and progress the purchase until exchange and completion. We can also project manage any refurbishment works that may be required, and then take care of the lettings and management for you. For more information on our lettings and management service, please click here.

We can introduce you to our team of mortgage brokers, solicitors and other professionals, making the investment stress-free. Essentially, we will do all the work so you can sit back and relax, and simply enjoy your rental income or profits from sale.

ARaja Properties can help you by finding a property investment which will give you 10%+ return on investment per annum (including all legal fees and ancillary expenses connected with the purchase) - completely hands-free.

Our Mission

To help investors build a property portfolio and generate wealth

We have learned the hard way through trial and error, and it has taken us many months and years to identify the right areas to invest, and build up knowledge of the local property markets. We have also found a reliable team of tradesmen that can carry out the full range of building work and maintenance, ranging from handymen, joiners, electricians and plumbers. You can benefit from our experience and avoid many of the pitfalls and dangers that are associated with property investment.


ARaja Properties have made great returns both through rental income and through buying and selling properties, and we want to help you do the same. Our clients will receive a friendly, personal and professional service and will be given fair and straightforward advice - we are not here to sell the dream! All our advice will be based on sensible projections based on our own experience. 

Fixed Rate Returns

Calling disgruntled savers - are you unhappy with the poor returns and saving interest rates?

The banks are offering a pittance to hard working savers. With saving interest rates of barely 1.50% per annum, are you tired and frustrated of the poor returns that the banks are offering? If you have no interest or time to invest in properties yourself, ARaja Properties can offer you a 'bank busting' return on investment, if you choose to invest in one of our property purchases or fund one of our refurbishment projects. All investment would be via legally binding loan agreements and any investor would be given an 'open book access' to our previous projects to see our track record. Investment will be via a fixed rate return and subject to a minimum loan and repaid within 12-18 months. Please contact us to find out more information.

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